Grassi Wonderful Tenor

EU £880 (inc tax and shipping)

Outside EU  £880 (inc shipping)

A 1983 Grassi “Wonderful” (they are rarer than the other models) in good playing condition, recently overhauled then set up by Stephen Howard.

It has silver plated keywork (not nickel-plated as most of Grassi), some additional features as better keywork, better bell to body brace and better finish than the standard models.

Construction is fully ribbed, ergos are good as well as the sound (think about a good quality Selmer copy).

The horn does not look mint, but has obviously been very well cared for.

Lacquer has several spots and there’s some tarnish on the silver-plated keywork. The silver plate is 99% complete and the lacquer is around 90%. No sign of past repairs: no dings except for a small one on the rear of the bell. Tube is straight and no pull down on the neck). Pads are in nice condition, but are not brand new: they seal the holes fine and I think they will be able to last several more years under normal use.


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